Jeep Grand Wagoneer SUV Spied in Long-Wheelbase Form

Jeep Grand Wagoneer SUV Spied in Long-Wheelbase Form
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  • jeep's grand wagoneer and wagoneer suvs are set to add long-wheelbase models.
  • look for the bigger full-size suvs to overshadow the likes of the cadillac escalade esv and chevrolet suburban.
  • we expect jeep to unveil its extra-large grand wagoneer and wagoneer sometime this year.

    the jeep grand wagoneer is arguably the definition of american excess, and the big jeep is both beautiful and atrocious for it. sure, no one needs an approximately three-ton box with a 471-hp v-8 that rockets it to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds, nor does anyone need up to seven infotainment-related screens or enough leather and wood trim to put an aspen ski lodge to shame, but dammit, they want it. is that not the american dream, after all?

    yet, as indulgent as it is, the grand wagoneer still shows some signs of restraint. at 214.7 inches long, jeep's full-size suv casts a shadow more than a foot shorter than that of the largest cadillac escalade, the escalade esv. this is due to change soon, though, as jeep seems intent on adding a long-wheelbase variant to the grand wagoneer model line, as evidenced by these images that show the vehicle undergoing testing alongside a standard-wheelbase model.

    the 2022 grand wagoneer's measurements top those of the standard-wheelbase escalade by 3.7 inches in overall length and by 2.1 inches in wheelbase (at 123.0 inches). in much the same way, the long-wheelbase grand wagoneer (the grandiose wagoneer?) will almost certainly overshadow the giant escalade esv with its 134.1-inch wheelbase. although we only see jeep testing an extended grand wagoneer in these images, we believe the brand plans to offer the less opulent wagoneer in long-wheelbase form as well.

    save for additional third-row space and cargo room, the longer grand wagoneer and wagoneer should carry over the features of its shorter kin, including those models' powertrain options. this includes the likely addition of a plug-in hybrid 4xe variant.

    one thing that is likely to remain missing from this extra-large wagoneer model, however, is jeep's trail rated badging. if the standard-wheelbase iterations of the grand wagoneer and wagoneer lacked the agility to earn this distinction, then these even bigger versions—with surely worse departure and breakover angles—can be expected to fail to achieve the honor.

    jeep is still keeping quiet about its longer grand wagoneer and wagoneer for now. that said, we think the off-road-oriented brand will formally unveil these massive models before the end of the year, likely as 2023 or 2024 models.

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