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Its Raining inside the Gran Turismo Sport Video-Game Universe

Its Raining inside the Gran Turismo Sport Video-Game Universe
it's raining inside the gran turismo sport video-game universe
gran turismo
  • "weather content"—a.k.a. rain—has been added for red bull ring and red bull ring short track venues in the gran turismo sport game.
  • five 1980s and 1990s japanese sports cars join the game, including favorites such as the 1999 honda s2000 and the 1991 mitsubishi gto twin turbo.
  • there are also seven new events for the game's gt league single-player mode.

    update 9/5/19: gt sport also looks to add a ferrari 365 gtb/4 (a.k.a. daytona) and what appears to be a '60s-era dodge coronet, according to photos that were leaked on twitter and reported by

    good news for fans of racing video games: nearly two years after its release, sony’s gran turismo sport for playstation 4 is still releasing free monthly content. the latest update calls for a severe chance of rain showers at the red bull ring racetrack. this is the first time gran turismo has offered this slippery feature, or really any weather apart from sunshine or moonlight. although it's only for a single track, it's reasonable to expect this feature will be added to other circuits in the future.

    unlike most updates, this one doesn't add any new race cars. instead, the new additions are five japanese sports cars from the mid-'80s to the late '90s. they aren't going to be the fastest in the game, but they're immense cult favorites, and all are worth driving.

    • 1999 honda s2000
    • 1990 nissan silvia k's dia selection
    • 1983 toyota corolla levin 3-door-600gt apex
    • 1999 subaru impreza coupe wrx type r sti version vi
    • 1991 mitsubishi gto twin turbo

      the cars are fantastically rendered in full detail down to the pop-up headlights in the mitsubishi, but in the virtual world you won't burn your hand on the s2000's aluminum shift knob after it's been sitting in the sun.

      seven new events have been added to gt league mode, for gamers who favor gran turismo's single-player function. newbies will likely enjoy shorter races with slower cars, while seasoned racers could end up devoting an entire weekend on the more serious and complex endurance races. enjoy a few seconds of it right here: