Infiniti Q60 Is off to the Chopping Block for 2023

Infiniti Q60 Is off to the Chopping Block for 2023
  • infiniti has confirmed that it will discontinue of its q60 coupe following the 2022 model year.
  • the cancellation comes as the company is focusing on more popular segments such as crossovers and suvs.
  • the q60 lived a relatively short life, entering production for the 2017 model year.

    the infiniti q60 first made its debut as a concept in 2015 at the detroit auto show, with infiniti revealing the production version a year later at the same show. the coupe featured strikingly good looks, but unexciting driving and relatively drab interiors kept us from ever falling in love.

    infiniti confirmed to car and driver that production will continue through the end of the year. the company expects retailers will have units for sale well into 2023. the move is motivated by the increased shift toward purchasing larger crossovers and suvs by so many american drivers. "we are focusing on the most popular luxury automotive segments such as crossovers and suvs, as well as the upcoming ev we recently announced that will be built here in the u.s." according to an infiniti spokesperson.

    infiniti's q50 sedan is set to remain in production for 2023. the company has not announced any plan to kill that car off yet, but with four suvs and crossovers in the lineup, and a sedan-shaped ev being teased for 2025, the q50's days may be numbered as well.