Hyundai Seven Concept Previews Electric SUV For Ioniq Sub-Brand
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  • the hyundai seven concept is the latest member of the electric ioniq sub-brand.
  • the concept features a sleek design and rides on hyundai’s dedicated electric-global modular platform.
  • the suv, roughly the same size as the palisade, previews a production model due in 2024.

    with the hyundai ioniq 5 crossover due to hit showrooms this winter, the south korean automaker is ready to expand its electric ioniq sub-brand, introducing the new seven concept at this year’s los angeles auto show. the seven concept continues the retro-futuristic design themes seen on ioniq 5 and previews an upcoming electric suv sized similarly to the palisade.

    the seven rides on hyundai’s dedicated electric-global modular platform (e-gmp), also found under the ioniq 5, kia ev6, and genesis gv60. the wheelbase stretches nearly ten and a half feet, a foot longer than that of the palisade, since the electric architecture allows the wheels to be pushed to the corners of the vehicle. the design is smooth and elegant, and continues ioniq’s distinctive parametric pixel lighting design, which looks like it came straight out of an old-school video game.

    pillar-less coach doors swing open to reveal a flat floor and what hyundai says is a "more fluid interior layout." there are three rows of seating, with swiveling lounge chairs up front and a curved bench for the third row, although the arrangement can be customized. the driver steers the seven via a retractable control stick, and the minimalist center console stretches the width of the cabin. there is a built-in mini fridge and shoe-care compartments that "refresh passengers' footwear," although hyundai did not elaborate on what that means. (we’re picturing our sneakers sipping margaritas on the beach.) the seven’s roof features a panoramic oled screen that can display content for the passengers or help set the ambience for a relaxing journey. the interior makes heavy use of recycled and renewable materials, such as mineral plaster and bamboo. hyundai also fitted the seven concept with a hygiene airflow system, which can isolate airflow between front and rear passengers and draws on airflow management systems in commercial airliners. sanitizing uvc lights that clean the interior when the passengers exit.

    hyundai says the seven has a range of over 300 miles and that, when connected to a 350-kw charger, it can charge from 10 to 80 percent in around 20 minutes. we expect the production version of the ioniq seven to arrive for the 2024 model year. although the nifty pixel lighting elements should make the cut, expect details like the coach doors and interior gimmicks to get scrapped before production.

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    date : 2021-11-18 05:01:31