How Wed Spec It: 2022 Ford Bronco in Its New Flavors

How Wed Spec It: 2022 Ford Bronco in Its New Flavors

the ford bronco didn't just create a stir when it was first revealed in summer 2020. the conversation has continued nonstop since then, whether we're talking about exciting new variants such as the everglades and raptor or the unfortunate chip-shortage-related delays that have left throngs of suvs sitting in snowy parking lots awaiting certain parts. while many would-be owners are still waiting for their broncos to arrive, we decided to play around on the 2022 bronco's online configurator to see if our own preferences have changed since we last built our ideal 2021 bronco specs. as predicted, we have our eyes on the 400-hp raptor and snorkel-ified everglades.

connor hoffman's $74,475 bronco raptor

have you seen the bronco raptor's fender flares? they're huge, so i'd get a "braptor" in shadow black to help hide them and delete the raptor graphic on the rear fender since i think it looks out of place not as a bedside graphic. the wide stance looks better this way, although there are some other great color choices such as eruption green. i prefer the cheaper of the two 17-inch beadlock-capable wheel options ($1695), and i'd get wheel locks for $90. i'd keep the vinyl seats because i'll be getting the interior muddy on a regular basis, and i'd opt for the adaptive cruise control and a wireless charging pad included in the lux package. this build sums up to $74,475, which is $1685 less expensive than my preferred spec of the f-150 raptor (my truck of choice). now i'm just left waiting for the f-150 raptor r. –connor hoffman

david beard's $55,665 bronco everglades

the essential tool is one that is used the right way. as intriguing as the high-flying, desert-pounding bronco raptor might be, it's overkill for most midwestern flatlanders. the bronco everglades better suites my two-tracking, mud-slinging ways. the push bumper will come in handy when there's a tree to push over and the standard warn winch is there to lend a hand when the sludge gets too deep. and of course, there's the snorkel when it's time to take a bath in up to 36.4 inches of water. the $54,495 everglades is essentially fully loaded both inside and out, including all the off-road goodies of the sasquatch package. i'd select the rubber floor ($160) and cargo area protector ($120) because this thing will get dirty. the $295 desert sand paint should provide excellent camouflage as to where i've been and the $595 towing package uncorks the ability to tug up to 3500 pounds of stuff, so why not. all in, i'm at $55,665 for an extremely capable off-road rig. see ya in the bog. –david beard

austin irwin's $72,195 bronco raptor

i typically spec vehicles the most frugal way. but when it comes to the ford bronco, to hell with all that. my code orange bronco raptor is like a supercharged atomic orange first-generation nissan xterra on booger sugar. the bronco raptor build-and-price tool doesn't offer much configurability but allowed a little room for personality. i stuck with the hardtop and opted for the free and optional roof sound deadener. the optional black 17-inch wheels ($1695) were the best-looking of what was available, but arguably not as stylish as a set of steel cragars. i added the keyless entry pad ($110) because everyone driving their grandma's grand marquis raves about it. for no extra cost, ford will spare you the silly raptor graphics, which is good, because the only stickers that belong on this thing start with a "o" and end in "rv." i stuck with the standard black vinyl seats and didn't upgrade to the optional lux package because it included adaptive cruise control. more driver-assistance features? sorry, we don't let the computers drive our cars in this family. we drive to bass pro shop with the traction control off like our founding fathers intended. the raptor's humongous tires, giraffe-like suspension travel, and intimidating plastic fender flares make it look like an american unimog. oh, and i made sure to add the code orange accent seatbelts ($395), because i'm sure thin orange lines will have a political affiliation eventually, and after listening to those 37-inch rubbers howl across i-94 at 80 mph for a week, i'll be willing to pander to whoever i can before the end of my lease. –austin irwin

greg fink's $55,210 bronco everglades

it seems you can take the man out of florida, but you can't take florida out of the man, because this born-and-raised floridian who now calls the midwest home absolutely adores the ford bronco everglades. it's for all the wrong reasons, too. sure, the everglades packs some added goodies, such as its front-mounted winch and snorkel air intake, the latter of which helps it ford up to 36.4 inches of water, but the suv's real pièce de résistance is its basic appearance. that's right, i'm picking a bronco everglades over a bronco raptor for purely superficial reasons—it's the florida way. as such, i'm opting to lean further into the superficial by dropping $295 on a coat of trim-exclusive desert sand paint (i love the way it contrasts with the everglades's model-specific 17-inch wheels, which come wrapped in meaty goodyear mud-terrain tires). add in convenience features such as a $110 keyless entry pad and a $310 tailgate table, and "my" bronco everglades leaves the line with a sticker price of $55,210. yes, a base 330-hp bronco wildtrak four-door costs $2490 less than this 300-hp everglades, but the v-6 variant nevertheless lacks the style of ford's newly introduced four-cylinder trim. and in florida, style tends to trump substance. –greg fink

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