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How to Watch Lamborghini Huracán RWD Evo Spyders Debut Live on Your Phone

How to Watch Lamborghini Huracán RWD Evo Spyders Debut Live on Your Phone
how to watch lamborghini huracán rwd evo spyder's debut live on your phone
  • lamborghini invites the public to a new-product launch in augmented reality, saying this is the first time a carmaker has debuted a new model this way; all you need to watch is a newish iphone or ipad.
  • once you've joined the ar experience, you can pretend the new open-top rear-wheel-drive version of the huracán evo spyder is sitting in your driveway or anywhere else your phone's camera can reach.
  • the experience will also allow you to check out the interior and exterior of the new huracán at up to 1:1 scale, and it's happening at 7:00 a.m. est on may 7.

    have iphone, will travel. virtually, at least.

    italy has been hard hit by the covid-19 pandemic, having gone into lockdown march 9 and only slowly reopening now, even as deaths continue to climb. some automotive production facilities—notably, ferrari—have restarted some work, but for the biggest proof that things are starting to get back to a new normal, there's a new lamborghini being unveiled tomorrow.

    of course, this will not be a normal debut full of stage smoke and special-effects lighting. it's also not all that exclusive. if you'd like to attend, just point your iphone or ipad to the official lamborghini website tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. est to see the augmented-reality debut of the new huracán evo rwd spyder.

    a car and driver fave, the new huracán evo already comes in rwd, awd, and spyder (pictured above) flavors, so a rwd spyder take is not the most surprising twist for the v-10 sports-car lineup. the awd spyder offers 640 horsepower, and lamborghini claims a zero-to-62-mph time of 3.1 seconds. precise technical details for the rwd spyder will be announced at the launch.

    lamborghini says this is the first time an automotive brand will use augmented reality (ar) to virtually launch a new model. the reveal will be powered by apple's ar quick look technology, which will put a "see in ar" button on the lamborghini website at the appointed time. once it's enabled, you will be able to project the new virtual huracán into your own driveway or living room—or, we're sure, a few places with more comedic effect—to imagine what it would be like to park one at home with "a high level of photorealism," lamborghini says.

    tomorrow's ar experience isn't just going to enable humorous huracán placements. it will also let viewers zoom in or out to see details about the inside and outside of the vehicle up to 1:1 scale. lamborghini says the augmented-reality functionality will come to the entire lamborghini lineup soon.

    lamborghini was not able to provide c/d answers about the apple-only format for this debut in time for publication other than that the apple hardware needs to be running ios 11 or later and have an a9 processor or later. for phones, that means an iphone 6 or newer model, while ipads have to be ipad pros, a fifth-generation or later ipad or ipad mini, a third-generation ipad air or later, or a seventh-generation ipod touch.