Honda Reveals Details on New EV Lineup for China
  • honda is showing a range of concept cars that preview its upcoming ev lineup for china.
  • the cars will be badged e:n and the concepts preview three different models including an suv, a sedan, and a coupe-y hatchback.
  • honda's first ev in the u.s. will be called the prologue and will be based on gm's ultium battery platform.

    honda won't launch its first ev in the u.s. for a few more years, but things are progressing more quickly in china. the company is detailing its upcoming china-market ev lineup with a range of concept cars that preview upcoming models that will fit under a new subbrand called e:n. while we're unlikely to see these models on our shores, they could provide some indication of honda's design direction for future evs that we'll eventually see in our market.

    the three e:n concept cars include a sedan called the e:n gt, an suv called the e:n suv, and a sporty-looking hatchback called the e:n coupe. honda says it will start selling these models in china within the next five years. all have angular styling with an interesting lighting setup that includes horizontal and vertical light strips on the front end.

    honda says it will begin production of these ev models in china by 2024, and the company also plans to created dedicated e:n dealerships in certain major cities. eventually, e:n models will be exported globally, although we don't know if that means they'll reach the u.s. market. so far, all we've heard about honda's u.s. ev plans is that the company will launch an suv model called the prologue, along with an acura variant, in 2024. these initial models will use gm's ultium battery packs, but honda plans further ev models in the future as it works towards its goal of selling only electric and fuel-cell vehicles by 2040.

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    date : 2021-10-14 04:01:36