Honda Civic Si Race Cars to Appear at 2021 SEMA Show

Honda Civic Si Race Cars to Appear at 2021 SEMA Show

honda announced today it will bring not one, but two race-car concepts based on the new civic si sedan to this year's sema show in las vegas. the first car, dubbed the hpd honda civic si, is a turnkey factory race car designed to compete in the sro tc americas series. the other is a one-off model put together by a collection of honda engineers, meant to compete at the 25 hours of thunderhill happening in december.

the hpd honda civic si will represent the company's next generation of grassroots racing, succeeding the wildly fun-to-drive civic si tca. built from a body-in-white to adhere to the sro tc americas rulebook, it's stuffed with all of the safety and performance gear necessary to perform on track. as far as drivetrain modifications go, there's a tune for the 1.5-liter turbo inline-four, a strengthened fourth gear, a specialized exhaust, and a race-spec limited-slip differential. other upgrades include bilstein dampers, eibach coil springs, adjustable control arms, and wilwood rotors with six-piston calipers up front.

the one-off si meant to run in this year's 25 hours of thunderhill is a bit more customized, with similar safety gear but a lot more drivetrain mods. assembled and raced by engineers across the company's divisions, the car features a new tune for the engine, an oil cooler, a bigger radiator, a titanium exhaust, a custom gearset for the transmission, and specific engine mounts. there are paragon brakes all around with endurance racing pads from pagid, cooled with custom brake ducts. the dampers are kw competition units, paired to h&r race-spec coil springs. there are also custom forged wheels, a custom vented carbon hood, and custom led exterior lights.

the si meant to race at thunderhill will be the first of the two civics to make a public appearance post-sema when it competes for a class win on december 3. we expect the sro car to begin competition with the 2022 season. honda has yet to release pricing, though we expect it to come in around the $60,000 mark. that may sound expensive, but when you consider all of the expensive parts necessary to make it legal for competition, you'll realize it's actually a bargain.

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