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Hertz Renting 2020 Chevy Camaros with 480 or 750 HP

Hertz Renting 2020 Chevy Camaros with 480 or 750 HP
hertz renting 2020 chevy camaros with 480 or 750 hp
  • hertz dealers in certain cities will now rent special hendrick motorsports chevrolet camaros.
  • a total of 224 of these 2020 camaros will be available. some will come with a 6.2-liter v-8 tweaked to 480 horsepower, and others with a zl1-based, callaway-supercharged 5.2-liter v-8 making 750 hp.
  • the rental program starts in october at a short list of 15 cities.

    tired of seeing special ford mustangs that you can rent? maybe your chevy has one of those stickers of calvin, the mischievous boy character from the calvin and hobbes comic series, peeing on a ford blue oval logo. has hertz got the rentable camaro for you!

    in fact, hertz has two special camaros you can soon choose from at select rental counters around the country. both are modified—so, not your typical rental camaros—by hendrick motorsports, and both wear distinctive bright yellow stripes, special wheels, and branded hendrick motorsports touches. a total of 224 will be produced.

    the key difference separating the two hendrick/hertz camaros is 270 horsepower. as in, the lower-key of the two chevys is based on the camaro ss, and has seen its 6.2-liter v-8 engine (455 ponies stock) modded to produce 480 horsepower. credit for the bump goes to chevrolet's cold-air intake and cat-back exhaust system. the stronger of the two camaros is based on the mighty zl1, whose supercharged 6.2-liter v-8 (650 horsepower stock) has been upgraded by way of a larger callaway supercharger to produce 750 ponies.

    hertz renting 2020 chevy camaros with 480 or 750 hp

    we'll skip over the debate over how sane it is for hertz to rent anything with 750 horsepower to normal people because, well, dodge sells cars with 707 horsepower and more on the regular to, um, normal people. we will throw some skepticism at the hendrick motorsports branding littering both hertz camaros, however. that's because the numerous nods to hendrick motorsports team driver william byron and his no. 24 nascar racer are a bit much and too closely recall those tacky, sticker-festooned dale jr. edition monte carlos that chevy sold back in the early 2000s. hey, at least the stickers and embroidered elements are small.

    hertz renting 2020 chevy camaros with 480 or 750 hp

    camaro fans eager to try their hand at not-crashing a 750-hp version of their favorite pony car can head to hertz airport locations in atlanta, charlotte, dallas, houston, nashville, fort lauderdale, fort myers, miami, orlando, tampa, las vegas, phoenix, los angeles, and san diego. or they can settle for the 480-hp model. either way, the chance to rent one of these 224 hendrick creations is nigh: they'll only be available for a short time starting in october.