Hertz Orders 65,000 Polestar EVs to Add to Rental Fleet

Hertz Orders 65,000 Polestar EVs to Add to Rental Fleet
hertz orders 65,000 polestar evs to add to rental fleet
  • hertz intends to add 65,000 polestar electric vehicles to its global rental fleet within the next five years.
  • the polestar 2 will be the first model available, starting first in europe and later expanding to australia and north america.
  • hertz previously said it wants to make evs 20 percent of its fleet.

    teslas won't be the only evs available to rent through hertz, as the company now says it plans to order 65,000 electric vehicles from polestar within the next five years. the polestar 2 hatchback will be the first model added to the fleet, starting this spring in europe and reaching north america near the end of 2022. this is in addition to the order for 100,000 tesla model 3 vehicles that hertz says it has already begun adding to its u.s. rental fleet in select cities.

    this order will likely make up a significant portion of polestar's production over the next few years, as the company only sold 29,000 vehicles globally in 2021 and intends to hit a target of 290,000 vehicles produced in 2025. hertz has not yet released details on the cost or availability of the rentals, but, like with the tesla model 3, we expect the vehicles to be priced similarly to other premium or luxury rental rates and available only in certain locations at first. hertz also says the polestar vehicles will eventually be available for ride-share drivers.

    hertz has previously said it is investing in electric-vehicle charging infrastructure across its global facilities, as it is aiming to install both level 2 and dc fast-charging stations. there will also be an ev-specific booking function on the company's smartphone app. hertz will be paying sticker price for the tesla model 3 vehicles it ordered in a $4.2 billion deal, but it's unclear if it worked out a different financial package with polestar.

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