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Harry Styles Rubs His Butt on the Hood of a 10Best–Winning Honda Accord

Harry Styles Rubs His Butt on the Hood of a 10Best–Winning Honda Accord
  • pop star harry styles performed his hits in an l.a. intersection for the latest installment of james corden's crosswalk concert.
  • we couldn't help noticing the moment he made contact with a honda accord during a light change.
  • thanks to our friends at harper's bazaar for the following story.

    there are some indisputable facts of life: the sky is blue; water is wet; and when harry styles shakes his bum on the hood of your car, you need to get on your knees and thank the cosmic forces of the universe for leading you right to that moment.

    you can watch the former one direction member do exactly this in the above video, in which he performs a pseudo concert for james corden's famous crosswalk segment. other gems include interpretative dancing to his single "lights up," corden dressed up as a watermelon, and styles zip lining over a road teeming with staring drivers.

    at one point, styles confides to corden, "i feel like people are getting mad at me."

    "you're a trailblazer," the late night show host responds. "trailblazers don't give up. you know, people say that ja rule couldn't build a music festival on a private island. did he give up? no."

    styles pauses. "are you talking about fyre festival?"

    "yes. it's a bad example."

    whether or not corden's parallel holds up, he's right about one thing: the simon-cowell-protégé-turned-hollywood-rockstar is a pioneer. sure, he's not the first boy to wash up with chestnut curls and deep green eyes and a british accent that is the auditory equivalent of maple syrup. but, with his endless reservoir of charisma and those glorious high-waisted trousers, the paths he could henceforward forge are infinite—and full of groupies.

    his new album, fine line, drops tomorrow.