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Genesis G70 Shooting Brake Revealed in Full, and We Want One

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake Revealed in Full, and We Want One
genesis g70 shooting brake revealed in full, and we want one
  • genesis has revealed the shooting brake version of the g70.
  • a four-door wagon with a sleek roofline, this version of genesis' compact sports sedan looks appealing to our eye.
  • unfortunately, it will only be sold in europe.

    the genesis g70's transformation into an attractive wagon is finally complete. these latest photos of the g70 shooting brake confirm that the sports sedan looks better as a longroof, and we're now even sadder that it won't reach the u.s. market. it's a major part of the genesis brand's entry into the european market, where wagons find significantly more buyers than they do in the u.s.

    with the same styling as seen on the updated 2022 g70 sedan, the wagon's biggest changes are seen aft of the b-pillar, where the roofline tapers to a steeply sloped rear liftgate. genesis claims that cargo space is increased by 40 percent compared with the sedan and the rear seats fold in a 40/20/40 arrangement for added cargo flexibility.

    the shooting brake will likely offer the same engines as the g70 sedan, which include a turbo 2.0-liter inline-four and a twin-turbo 3.3-liter v-6. a diesel may be offered in europe as well.

    when it goes on sale across the pond this summer, the g70 wagon will compete with wagon versions of the audi a4, bmw 3-series, and mercedes c-class. over here, we only get a precious few wagons this size such as the audi a4 allroad and volvo v60—unless genesis decides to change its mind and import the g70 shooting brake, which would make us very happy indeed.

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