General Motors Will Launch Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks Starting in 2035
  • general motors announced, as part of its program for the 2022 ces technology show, that its heavy-duty trucks will gain electric variants by 2035.
  • every light-duty vehicle from gm will be electric by 2035, with the automaker pledging last fall to end gas vehicle sales by 2040 globally.
  • this would leave five years in which gm could sell conventional internal-combustion-powered hd trucks alongside electric versions.

    the pioneering electric vehicles of the 2010s were dorky cars like the nissan leaf, designed more for economical operation than any notion of style. a decade later, the ev craze has spread to nearly every corner of the auto industry, with a slew of brawny electric pickups—including the new chevy silverado ev and rivian r1t—hitting the market and even commercial vehicles like the tesla semi on the way. one sector, the heavy-duty pickup, seems set to stick with internal-combustion propulsion for the time being, but as part of its program for the ces technology show this week, general motors revealed a timeline for when its hd trucks will gain electric power, too.

    “as previously announced, our plan is to have all new light-duty vehicles be electric by 2035,” gm ceo barra said during her keynote address. “and today, i’m pleased to announce that we’ll introduce all-electric heavy-duty vehicles on that same timetable." barra also emphasized that the electric hd trucks will be geared towards hauling and towing while still delivering enough range, which ideally should be easier to achieve with the battery technology in 13 years' time.

    it is still possible that gm will offer internal-combustion hd trucks in 2035. the company entered an agreement with five other automakers in november to end gas vehicle sales by 2040 globally, which could mean five years of overlap between the two types of powertrains. with the electric hd trucks still over a decade away, there are no details yet, and it will likely be some time before we know more about the future heavy-duty pickups.

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    date : 2022-01-08 05:01:19