Ford Reveals Another GT Heritage Edition as Production Winds Down
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  • ford has shown off the 2022 gt alan mann heritage edition, which celebrates two lightweight gt40 prototypes created by alan mann racing.
  • the special model is paint in a red with white and gold accents and the prototype’s racing number emblazoned on the bodywork.
  • the alan mann heritage edition also features red and gold trim inside, as well as black and red brembo brakes.

    the ford gt is in its final year of production, and as the company bids adieu to its brilliant supercar, it has revealed another special heritage edition. the 2022 ford gt alan mann heritage edition pays tribute to two lightweight prototype versions of the original 1966 gt40 mk i created by alan mann racing. although neither prototype was victorious in a major race, their lightweight philosophy helped inspire the gt mk ii that famously dominated the 24 hours of le mans in 1966.

    the alan mann heritage edition recalls the original am gt-1 prototype with red exterior paint accentuated by twin gold racing stripes running the length of the car. there are also white accents adorning the hood, front fender, and rear wing, and gold “ford” badging on a white background just ahead of the rear wheels. the am gt-1’s racing number, 16, is found on the hood, doors, and rear wing.

    the special edition gt also features exposed carbon fiber inside and out, including on the 20-inch wheels. the brembo brake calipers are black with red accents, and the alcantara-wrapped carbon fiber seats have red and gold stitching. gold trim is littered throughout the interior while the paddle shifters match the red color of the exterior. the alan mann heritage edition is the latest in a line of commemorative gts. ford did not say how many examples will be built or how much they will cost, but a healthy increase over the standard gt’s $500,000 price is likely.

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    date : 2022-02-10 05:01:40