Ford Previews Two New EV Crossovers Based on VWs MEB Platform

Ford Previews Two New EV Crossovers Based on VWs MEB Platform
  • ford announced plans for an expansion of its ev lineup in europe, including two new electric suv models.
  • the "sport" and "medium-size" crossovers seen in this teaser will be built in europe and have yet to be confirmed for the u.s.
  • both will be based on vw's meb platform used in the id.4 and other ev models.

    ford's growing ev lineup will include two new electric suv models, seen in this teaser image, that will be based on vw's meb platform. the one on the left is a "medium-size" crossover set to begin production in 2023, while the vehicle on the right is referred to as a "sport" crossover that will arrive in 2024. ford has yet to confirm either of these new models for the u.s. market but we wouldn't be surprised to see the mid-size model arrive at some point as a replacement for the edge.

    the mid-size suv appears to be taller and boxier than the mustang mach-e, and ford claims that it will have a driving range of over 300 miles. (we assume that's on the european wltp cycle rather than the u.s.-specific epa test cycle.) based on what we've heard from ford in the past, this suv will use vw's battery pack, electric motors, and underpinnings but will not share its body or interior with any volkswagen id models.

    the same goes for the so-called "sport" crossover that appears to have interestingly shaped headlights. it looks to be a bit smaller than the mid-size suv and could have a sleeker shape and more horsepower to live up to its billing.

    both of these vehicles will be built in cologne, germany, where ford has invested $2 billion for electric-vehicle production. they're part of ford's plan to introduce seven new evs in europe by 2024, including four commercial vans and an electric version of the puma. if ford were to either bring these suv models to the u.s. we're not sure if the company would export them from europe or figure out a way to build them in north america. vw, for its part, initially built the meb-based id.4 in europe and brought it over to the u.s. but is planning to begin production of that model in chattanooga, tennessee, later this year.

    we've reached out to ford about the possible u.s. availability of either of these models and will update this post as more information becomes available.

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