Ford Mustang GT Performance Badge Teased ahead of Next-Gen Models Debut

Ford Mustang GT Performance Badge Teased ahead of Next-Gen Models Debut
  • ford has posted a short video on social media that teases a new mustang gt performance model.
  • the 10-second clip shows a piece of luggage in a trunk before the lid closes to show a chrome "gt performance" badge.
  • we can't tell if the badge will adorn a model from the outgoing generation or the new one, but we'll likely know once the next-gen mustang is revealed on september 14.

    with the debut of the next-generation 2024 mustang just over a week away, ford has dropped a teaser video online that shows a gt performance badge on what is clearly a mustang's trunk lid.

    the short clip was posted on september 2 on ford performance's facebook page along with some of the company's other social media accounts. the 10-second video opens with a retro-looking piece of luggage with an old-school mustang logo on it sitting in the trunk of a car. the trunk lid then closes to reveal a chrome "gt performance" badge. the rest of the video mentions the new mustang's reveal date on september 14 as well as the stampede event that's set to precede the reveal.

    whether the gt performance badge is worn by a new model from the outgoing generation or a new model from the next-gen one is hard to say, but it has us intrigued. it also has us speculating about a potential 60th anniversary edition, since the badge that was teased has a distinct typeface and chrome plating that recalls ford mustang's of yore.

    either way, we're sure to find out by the time ford pulls the covers off the next-gen pony car next week. in the meantime, we'll be on the lookout for more clues and teasers as the week ahead is sure to be full of them.