Ford Maverick Ready for Overlanding with $7700 GFC Platform Camper
  • aftermarket supplier gfc has designed a platform camper specifically for the ford maverick that costs $7700.
  • the platform camper features a 7.5-foot-tall, pop-up living area and a 50-inch-by-90-inch sleeping surface with a foam mattress.
  • gfc says the entire unit weighs 255 pounds and fits within the outline of the maverick's truck bed.

    the ford maverick is an excellent little pickup truck, with a useful 4.5-foot cargo box and an affordable price tag that starts just north of $22,000. now, aftermarket supplier gfc gives maverick owners the opportunity to pursue their overlanding fantasies with a new $7700 platform camper.

    specifically designed for ford's tiniest truck, the gfc platform camper has a sleep surface that measures 50 inches wide and 90 inches long. along with a two-layer foam mattress, it also features a 7.5-foot-tall, pop-up living space. all of this fits within the outline of the truck's bed, and—measured above the roof-mounted antenna—it adds 6.5 inches to the maverick's overall height when closed.

    what's also neat about the gfc camper is that it has a modular floor with a removable section that creates a pass-through so you can stand in the truck bed and use the other section as a desk. plus, the roof itself is made of a translucent composite material that's said to reflect the sun and turn direct light into diffuse light. likewise, gfc says it provides insulation, too. if people want to hang items such as an awning or lights, the platform has racks that extend from the aluminum frame. there are also three separate side panels that can be individually raised and locked.

    how heavy is the add-on camper unit? gfc says it weighs 255 pounds. subtract that from the maverick's 1500-pound payload rating, and owners can use the remaining 1245-pound capacity for camping gear or whatever else they want. gfc also says the roof of the platform can support up to 500 pounds, and the camper portion can be opened as long as it's supporting 75 pounds or less.

    for those looking to buy a gfc platform camper for their maverick, the company says it can be available as soon as eight weeks. gfc also offers to install the camper at its facility in bozeman, montana, but it's unclear if that costs extra. a gfc spokesperson didn't immediately respond to our request for clarification.

    for those who want it shipped and installed on-site within the next six months, they'll have to pay $750 if they live in the west region, $850 in the midwest, and $1000 in the east, and fuel costs can affect that price, per the company's website.

    date : 2022-08-26 00:00:06