Ford Isnt Taking Bronco Reservations Anymore, for Now

Ford Isnt Taking Bronco Reservations Anymore, for Now
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  • ford is no longer taking online reservations for the new bronco suv after receiving 190,000 refundable $100 deposits.
  • the temporary move is because of high demand and production issues with the hardtop model's roof.
  • ford's said deep told car and driver that the reservation system will be back in october.

    the ford bronco can't catch a break. ford has stopped taking customer reservations for the new suv because of increased demand and production issues, as first reported by the detroit free press. through july, about 3200 broncos have been sold, ford communications chief said deep told car and driver. to date, ford has received more than 125,000 orders for the bronco, which debuted as a 2021 model, with 190,000 people having put down $100 refundable deposits. the reservation system will be back in october.

    ford's website now directs customers interested in the bronco to contact their local dealership for details on options and timing. "they have a better line of sight in what’s coming in," deep explained.

    we contacted our local dealership, varsity ford in ann arbor, michigan. brian house, a varsity sales manager, said the dealership is telling customers they'll have to wait six months or for the 2023 model year, depending on what bronco configuration they choose.

    ford suggested that would-be bronco buyers have the possibility of securing an incoming softtop model if someone else cancels an existing order. that's because the softtop model is not affected by the supplier quality issue plaguing the two- and four-door hardtop models. a customer could also change their own spec. for instance, they could forgo the sasquatch package and wait to add the beefier tires later if they are set on getting into a bronco earlier.

    but house said lots of customers are already calling varsity ford and trying to switch their build to speed up the process. unfortunately, there's nothing coming in. every bronco varsity has received has gone straight to the customer who ordered it, according to house.

    production of the 2022 bronco will begin in december. for 2022, changes include new colors, including eruption green, and the addition of manual-equipped models with the off-road-focused sasquatch package. ford is aiming to begin replacing every hardtop model's roof in october.

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