Ford Everest, SUV Based on Ranger, Debuts Everywhere but the U.S.

Ford Everest, SUV Based on Ranger, Debuts Everywhere but the U.S.
  • ford has debuted a new generation of the everest, a body-on-frame suv based on the ranger pickup.
  • the everest uses the same series of turbo-diesel engines as the global ranger, as well as the gas-powered 2.3-liter ecoboost expected to motivate the u.s.-market ranger.
  • the interior is very similar to that of its truck sibling, with a massive vertical touchscreen in the center console and a new digital gauge cluster behind the steering wheel.

    the next-generation ford ranger, already revealed for global markets, will hit our shores by 2023 and will bring with it a hard-core raptor variant sporting nearly 400 horsepower, 33-inch all-terrain tires, and fox shocks. but the u.s. will miss out on the ranger's suv sibling, the everest, with ford revealing the next-generation body-on-frame suv today for the rest of the world.

    the everest shares its c-shaped led headlights and grille with the ranger but trades the truck's chunky front bumper for a more refined look. there is, of course, a cabin instead of a bed, as well as longer rear doors for easier access to the backseat. horizontal taillights are connected by an everest-branded trim piece. the interior also closely mirrors that of the ranger, with a vertical 10.1-or 12.0-inch touchscreen in the center console and an 8.0- or 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster behind the wheel. a 360-degree camera linked to the screen helps with parking and traversing rough terrain.

    powering the everest are a mix of turbo-diesel engines not likely to be offered on the ranger we will receive in the united states, with a 3.0-liter v-6 positioned above single- and twin-turbocharged versions of a 2.0-liter inline-four. the gas-powered 2.3-liter ecoboost four-cylinder expected to power the u.s.-market ranger will become available in 2023. a six-speed automatic and 10-speed automatic transmission are available depending on trim and engine. two four-wheel-drive systems will be offered, and certain markets will also get a rear-wheel-drive everest. while the united states does already get a ranger-related off-road suv in the form of the bronco, that won't stop us from daydreaming about tackling dirt roads in the more subtle-looking everest.

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