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For Sale: $8M Texas Home Has 10-Car Garage, Car-Themed Everything

For Sale: $8M Texas Home Has 10-Car Garage, Car-Themed Everything
for sale: $8m texas home has 10-car garage, car-themed everything
  • if you don't mind taking your car obsession to extremes, and are wealthy enough to afford it, a new listing for a property near dallas could be just the "sprawling car haven" you've been looking for.
  • the pearl, for drivers, is a 10-stall garage and a well-appointed vehicle repair facility, with multiple car lifts and a paint application booth.
  • when you're not driving or working on your rides, you can lounge in the pool or the automotive-themed entertainment space with a wall of tvs.

    if you've ever visited a shabby-chic, old-school gas station-cum-repair garage and thought, "i could live here if it only had an outdoor pool," we're found the home for you. say hello to your new $8 million home—complete with a 10-car garage—in roanoke, texas.

    sitting on a 10-acre property 20 minutes outside dallas/fort worth, the "sprawling car haven" (as describes it) is large enough that it actually requires two addresses. the house features five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and two half-baths in 7419 square feet. if that's not enough room for you, there's also a guest house and an "outdoor living center," an outdoor fireplace, and a built-in wine cooler.

    the exterior parking area is, zillow notes, "oversized," and the property's listing agent told the dallas morning news that's because five of those acres are basically an empty space that has been used to park cars.

    but it's the garage that is likely to get car and driver readers most interested. alongside room for 10 vehicles to shelter in place, the property includes: "car lifts, a paint application booth, a tire changer, and antique memorabilia galore to get your fast and furious fix followed by fun around the fire pit and in the oversized tiered pool," according to

    pictures on the property listing show that the current owner has a bit of an automotive obsession. there are enough old license plates hanging on the walls to keep you busy on ebay for a while if you were to sell them off. classic automotive industry memorabilia is tacked to the ceilings and walls. rusty old gas pumps sit outside, and at least one has been turned into a cooler in the entertainment area (which also has five tv screens). an old chevrolet pickup converted into what looks like a bar sits in one of the building's many nooks. we assume the alfa giulia quadrifoglio and cadillac xt5 will not be included.

    the house and garage and everything else are currently listed on a number of real estate sites for $7,999,000. not bad for a facility that was built in 2014 and could be yours for an estimated monthly payment of just $37,493. but hey, at least there are no homeowner association fees. it was put up for sale earlier this month and, if you're interested in buying, the realtor is offering virtual tours this weekend.

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