Fiskers Ocean Electric SUV Dog-Paddles Closer to Production
fisker's ocean electric suv dog-paddles closer to production
  • the 2023 fisker ocean was unveiled at the 2021 los angeles auto show complete with inventive features that the company hopes will set the suv apart from ev rivals.
  • three trims will be offered, culminating in the 550-hp extreme model with around 350 miles of driving range per charge.
  • deliveries should start in november 2022, according to the company, and the ocean will be available for purchase or lease via a direct-sales model; reservations are now open.

    fisker's ambitious plans to relaunch itself as an electric-vehicle manufacturer are nearing a crucial inflection point as the 2023 ocean suv is unveiled at the 2021 los angeles auto show. led by the company's namesake and ceo, henrik fisker, the revived brand is focusing on sustainability and environmental responsibility with the ocean, which utilizes reclaimed materials such as recycled plastic bottles to line the interior of the luxury suv.

    more than 19,000 prospective buyers have plopped down deposits for the new electric suv. fisker expects to begin deliveries in november 2022, one year from now. the ocean will be built in austria under a partnership with magna steyr and will be offered in front- and all-wheel drive variations and three distinct trim levels.

    the more affordable sport trim will cost just $37,499 before destination and will come with a 275-hp motor, front-wheel drive, and a range of around 250 miles per charge. all-wheel-drive ultra and extreme trims use two motors with 540 and 550 horsepower respectively. ultra models are slated to carry a price of $49,999 (before destination, which has not yet been set), while the loaded extreme trim will cost $68,999.

    fisker claims a zero-to-60-mph time of just 3.6 seconds for the extreme and 3.9 seconds for the ultra. driving range for the all-wheel-drive models is more robust than the base sport, at 340 miles for the ultra and 350 for the extreme. at launch, 5000 special-edition ocean one models will be available, featuring unique 22-inch aerodynamic wheels that are made from recycled carbon fiber and aluminum.

    solar panels on the suv’s roof capture energy from the sun to restore driving range to the battery. fisker claims this can generate around 1500 miles of driving range per year for drivers living in sunny climates such as southern california. the roof can also be opened to serve as a traditional panoramic sunroof. another novel feature is california mode, which opens all the windows and the sunroof and lowers the rear hatchback glass at the touch of a button. included in the array of power-operated glass is a set of small rear quarter-windows that also retract, a feature fisker calls doggie power windows–ostensibly because they're perfectly sized for for pooches to poke their heads through.

    inside, the cabin is lined in reclaimed materials such as fishing nets, used fabric, and old rubber, but you'd never know it. the seats are comfortable and stylish, and the ocean's headliner looks similar to suede roof linings popular on modern luxury cars. passenger space appears to be on par with other modern compact crossovers, but the cargo space isn't as generous as what you'd find in a honda cr-v.

    technology features heavily throughout the design and includes niceties such as a suite of driver-assistance features and an optional 16-speaker stereo. but the pièce de résistance in the ocean's cabin is the large, 17.1-inch center infotainment display that can rotate from its vertically oriented default position to a horizontal layout at the touch of a button. it is designed to provide users a high-definition display on which to pass time watching shows and movies while waiting for the vehicle to charge. an optional rear-seat display gives passengers control of the ocean's stereo and climate controls.

    the prototype still needs some finishing touches before it's ready for mass production–there are some rough-edged plastic bits visible inside the cabin, for example–but fisker says this is representative of what owners will receive on delivery, which is scheduled to begin next year. the company says it will adopt a direct-sales model similar to that of rivals tesla and rivian and says the ocean will be available for sale nationwide and globally.

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