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Fisker Unveils Lineup of Three Additional Electric Vehicles Due by 2025

Fisker Unveils Lineup of Three Additional Electric Vehicles Due by 2025
fisker unveils lineup of three additional electric vehicles due by 2025
  • fisker announced that it will launch three new vehicles by 2025.
  • in addition to the already announced ocean that’s scheduled to be available in 2022, the startup will unleash a crossover, pickup, and “super-sports” sedan based on the e-motion concept.
  • all of these vehicles are expected to ride on volkswagen’s meb platform although there has been no official announcement from either company.

    the fisker ocean isn’t even on the road yet, and already the automotive startup is announcing an expanded lineup with three additional vehicles. all four vehicles are slated to be on the road by 2025—a bold plan for a company that’s still in the process of getting its first vehicle ready for production.

    fisker shared an image of its previously announced ocean suv in front of three other models: a “super-sports sedan” which is based on the e-motion concept, another crossover model, and a truck. the pickup is still covered in this image, but the company already showed photos of the alaska pickup back in february. we’ll have to wait to see how it stacks up against the onslaught of electric pickups coming to the market.

    what might give fisker a leg up over other automotive startups is that it plans to use vw’s meb electric vehicle platform. volkswagen supplies the battery pack, platform, and electric motors, and fisker supplies the bodies. the only hitch is that neither fisker nor volkswagen have announced an official deal as of yet. in today’s announcement, fisker stated “each vehicle will be delivered utilizing platforms, battery packs and component systems from the world’s leading oems and tier 1 suppliers.

    judging from ceo henrik fisker’s remarks concerning today’s news it does look like the second crossover model might be priced lower than the ocean, which starts at $37,499. “together with our innovative lease program, we will be able to bring a diverse choice of products to suit a wide variety of customers across many different budgets points,” fisker said in a statement. that’s good news for those looking for an ev on a budget as long, as they're willing to wait until 2025.

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