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First Look at the Escort Redline 360c, a Thoroughly Modern Radar Detector

First Look at the Escort Redline 360c, a Thoroughly Modern Radar Detector
first look at the escort redline 360c, a thoroughly modern radar detector
  • escort says its new redline 360c uses artificial intelligence, wi-fi, and gps to make this latest radar detector advanced, highly sensitive, and undetectable.
  • the redline 360c also allows you access to the crowd-sourcing platform escort live, which has a million users, according to the company.
  • this advanced tech comes at a price: $750, by far the highest price you'll see for a windshield-mounted radar detector.

    just because you’re stuck at home, not commuting to work, not being late to a meeting across town, not breaking transcontinental speed records, or simply not driving your favorite road doesn’t mean escort radar detectors are not going to save your bacon when you decide to get off the couch and commit our favorite civil infraction: exceeding the posted speed limit. which is why, pandemic or not, escort has launched its newest and most advanced fuzz fighter to date, the redline 360c.

    if you are familiar with escort's lineup, you’ll recognize this name as being a portmanteau of its two windshield-mounted detector lines: the max 360c and the redline. the max half of the new model brings advanced filtering powered by digital signal processing and artificial intelligence. the redline half is maximum sensitivity and importantly for those using radar detectors unlawfully—truckers, virginia residents—total undetectability. arrows indicate the direction from which the threat is coming. also, and this is probably our favorite feature, the new redline has a gps engine, and it will autolearn false alerts along your normal commutes.

    we did get our hands on a redline 360c, and our initial impression is good. through advances in gps accuracy, signal processing, and ai, the new redline 360c is pretty quiet right out of the box. the normally busy k band—automated doors, radar cruise, etc.—may be a bit quieter than normal these days, but we went hunting for some known false alerts, and not everyone made the 360c sing.

    as with the bluetooth-enabled products that came before, the redline 360c's menus can be accessed on a paired smartphone, but this one also adds wi-fi, so the device can update its false database (sourced from escort) without having to connect it to a computer, as long as it is within range of your home internet or your car’s wi-fi, if so equipped.

    the detector also comes with access to escort live, which is a waze-like crowd-sourcing app that pairs with the detector and essentially gives you access to a lot more radar detectors. escort says it has over a million live users.

    escort claims the redline 360c has twice the range of its next-best offering. we will have to wait for our next radar-detector test to confirm this claim. but the truth is, the redline 360c had better perform because at $750, it is the most expensive windshield-mounted detector on the market by a wide margin. if you are an escort customer already, there is a trade-in program that will knock $80 or $120 off the purchase price, depending on what model you have.

    the next most expensive competitor is the aforementioned max 360c, but escort isn’t the only detector company launching new product in 2020. valentine dropped its new v1gen2 detector back in march, which costs a full third less at $499. redanso, an already respected relative newcomer in the radar-detector game, is on the verge of launching a new product running its own artificial intelligence that it claims will also be a game changer. no word yet on how much it will cost.

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