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Everything We Know About Mysterious New Mercedes EQ — Which Ain't Much

Everything We Know About Mysterious New Mercedes EQ — Which Ain't Much
mercedes-benz eq tease

here's everything we know about the new vehicle that mercedes-benz is scheduled to unveil in stockholm on sept. 4:

  1. it will be the first eq model.
  2. it has cool headlights.

and really, that's it. all mercedes has shown so far — under the heading "mystic detail" — is the unhelpful photo above and this cryptic 19-second video of the headlights turning on. that means it's time to fire up the speculation machine and take some educated guesses.

what's actually helpful is that this isn't the first we've heard of the eq name from mercedes; it's been attached to several concepts in the past, and there are some similarities between those futuristic vehicles that give us at least some idea of what the new eq will bring to the table. and notably, mercedes isn't calling this eq a concept - so it's likely to be a real vehicle that will make it to the street in some form.

among the many eq concepts mercedes has already shown — including the generation eq concept, a smart concept, concept eqa and eq silver arrow — there's one commonality we can extrapolate out to a production eq vehicle: an all-electric powertrain. each of those vehicles featured different varieties of drivetrains and power and range figures, but they were all powered by batteries without any combustion assistance.

those vehicles also served to show some future technologies for mercedes-benz, including full self-driving capabilities and one (the smart vision eq) that didn't even have a steering wheel or pedals. don't expect that level of automation in the forthcoming eq, but do expect versions of mercedes' already robust autonomous driving capabilities.

with the eq silver arrow, mercedes also hinted at a few design cues that should be found in some form on the next vehicle, including the use of rose-gold-colored accents on the body and a glowing "eq" logo in some form.

the concepts have also varied in body style, from a sedan to an suv to a single-seat racecar to whatever body style you want to call a smart. i spent about 10 minutes trying to parse the video and photo for body-style clues and got nowhere; it will likely be a sedan or suv of some kind — the rake of the windshield and height of the a-pillar indicate the latter — but the aggressive cut of the bumper and the tuck of the front fender makes me think the former. we'll have to wait until sept. 4 to find out for sure.

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