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Documentary Shows How BMW M5 Broke NYC-to-LA Speed Record in 2006

Documentary Shows How BMW M5 Broke NYC-to-LA Speed Record in 2006
  • apex: the secret race across america is a new documentary that follows alex roy and his crew on its quest to break the new york to los angeles driving-speed record in 2006.
  • the film is the second documentary in a series, the first being apex: the story of the hypercar.
  • the film airs on nbc sports on sunday, october 20, at 9:30 p.m. et.

    a new automotive documentary is coming to nbc sports this sunday. apex: the secret race across america follows alex roy on his attempt to break the extremely illegal 32-hour driving-speed record from new york to los angeles in 2006 behind the wheel of a bmw e39 m5.

    you may have heard that apex name before. that's because this film was produced by the same people that made apex: the story of the hypercar, which followed christian von koenigsegg on his journey to build the koenigsegg one:1 to put the holy trinity (porsche 918 spyder, mclaren p1, and ferrari laferrari) to rest.

    let's talk about that e39 m5 that was used to break the record. it appears to have all sorts of tech piled onto it. most notable are antennas and radios that we're assuming were used for communication with airborne assistance. two white stripes are also painted on the roof to help the pilots distinguish the car from other traffic. in the trailer, we can also see the passenger using a pair of binoculars, perhaps on the lookout for the police.

    the film, narrated by ice-t, sheds light not just on this record run but on the illegal, underground transnational race. it was banned by the fbi after the team of doug turner and david diem claimed to have driven a ferrari 308 cross-country in 32 hours, seven minutes in what was called the 1983 u.s. express race.

    of course, to us at c/d, nothing could ever surpass the real-life cannonball run, the cannonball baker sea-to-shining-sea memorial trophy dash coordinated by car and driver's late, great brock yates between 1971 and 1979. and nothing will ever be quite as awesome as what happened in 1971, when yates and dan gurney crossed the u.s.a. in a 1971 ferrari 365gtb/4 daytona coupe, or the record of 32 hours, 51 minutes set in 1979 in a jaguar xj-s. you may also remember the fictionalized version from the 1981 action film the cannonball run, starring burt reynolds, roger moore, and farrah fawcett.

    but this one is worth watching, too. apex: the secret race across america debuts on sunday, october 20, at 9:30 p.m. et on nbc sports and will be available for download on itunes shortly after.