Citroëns My Ami Buggy Concept Is the Safari-Style City Car of Our Dreams

Citroëns My Ami Buggy Concept Is the Safari-Style City Car of Our Dreams
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  • French automaker Citroën has revealed this beach-buggy version of its electric Ami city car.
  • The Ami is not just for Europe, though, despite its diminutive size. It will be coming to the U.S. in the car-sharing fleet of startup Free2Move, which is part of Citroën parent company PSA.
  • Citroën said its My Ami Buggy concept is "one of the many faces that could be developed for Ami," meaning it may not be ruled out for production someday.

    Citroën answers a question we never knew to ask with its recently revealed My Ami Buggy concept. As its name implies, the My Ami Buggy is, well, a theoretical beach-buggy variant of the brand's Ami electric city car, a model that's due to arrive in the United States as part of the fleet of vehicles used by the car-sharing service Free2Move.

    Although Citroën is mum on the My Ami Buggy's powertrain details, the French brand likely carries over the run-of-the-mill Ami's lone 8-hp electric motor and 5.5-kWh battery pack to this tough but tiny safari-style Ami. Given its knobby tires and additional kit, such as its roof-mounted light bar and spare tire, we wager the My Ami Buggy is even slower than its stock sibling, which leisurely accelerates to a top speed of 28 mph. Same goes for the My Ami Buggy's driving range, which we imagine falls a bit short of the Ami's estimated 43-mile figure.

    Even so, the My Ami Buggy concept makes up for its likely acceleration- and range-related shortcomings by looking so damn cool. Credit the car's safari-style treatment that makes this little electric vehicle look ready to take on the world's toughest terrain (whether it's capable of successfully doing so is a different story).

    It also helps that the My Ami Buggy ditches the Ami's doors to make way for chic tubular decor along the sills. Don't worry, Citroën fits the My Ami Buggy with a set of deployable transparent canvas covers to keep occupants dry in the event of a rainstorm. Both driver and passenger, meanwhile, ought to find the My Ami Buggy a more comfortable place to while away miles relative to the standard Ami. Credit its seats' 2.8-inch-thick seat padding, which is nearly 1.4 inches thicker than those of the Ami.

    Other noteworthy features of the My Ami Buggy concept include its removable exterior mirrors and various integrated clamps for a variety of personal devices, such as cellphones and speakers. Unfortunately, Citroën makes no mention of plans to offer a production variant of the My Ami Buggy concept other than to state that it "illustrates one of the many faces that could be developed for Ami, the atypical vehicle developed by Citroën, ready to explore new horizons."

    Well, we think it ought to. After all, just imagine picking up a My Ami Buggy through Free2Move to stylishly cruise the streets of Miami (or is that My Ami?) Beach with neither a pair of doors nor a worry to ruin the vibe.

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