Chevy Has a New 10-Liter Crate Motor That Makes 1004 HP

Chevy Has a New 10-Liter Crate Motor That Makes 1004 HP
chevy has a new 10-liter crate motor that makes 1004 hp
jenny risher/chevy

when mopar announced a 1000-hp crate engine called the hellephant, it was hard to hide our disappointment. sure, a four-digit horsepower number out of the box sounds great, but it was hard not to think the company had called just a bit short of the goldilocks figure. the good news is that chevrolet agrees, which is why the company is announcing a new, one-thousand-and-four horsepower engine.

that's right, the newest big-block crate motor from gm makes 1004 hp and 876 pound-feet of torque on pump gas. the zz632/1000 does so without a turbo- or supercharger, relying instead on displacement alone. it's got plenty of that; the 632-cubic-inch engine is massive, with a 10-liter capacity that shames even monsters like the bugatti chiron and dodge viper.

that's more than any road car would ever need. but this thing is built for racing. the massive iron-block engine can take a beating, with chevy noting that a prototype has weathered over 200 simulated drag races on a dyno without failure. we can't even imagine what kind of power it could make with forced induction, but you'd struggle to find a blower that'd fit.

if you can get by with just 1004 hp, the zz632/1000 goes on sale in early 2022. pricing hasn't been announced, but the 621-hp zz572/620 with which it shares an engine block mold goes for $16,304.82. expect this to land north of that figure.

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