Chevy Bolt EV, EUV Resume Production after Battery Recall

Chevy Bolt EV, EUV Resume Production after Battery Recall
  • chevrolet bolt ev and euv production restarted on monday at the lake orion assembly plant in michigan.
  • the bolt ev and euv had been recalled last year for manufacturing defects in the battery packs built by lg energy solution that could cause fires.
  • the bolt duo had been out of production since november, when gm issued a stop-sale order as it worked to fix the faulty battery packs. the lg packs now being used have been modified to fix the problem.

    last year, general motors recalled its affordable ev, the chevrolet bolt, and its crossover counterpart, the bolt euv, after multiple reports of battery pack fires. production was halted in november and a stop-sale order was issued as gm and battery supplier lg energy solution worked on a fix. but now new bolts will begin to roll off the line once again, with production of the bolt ev and bolt euv resuming at the lake orion assembly plant in michigan on monday.

    general motors spokesperson dan flores confirmed that production restarted yesterday, adding, "we are very excited to restart production and we'll continue to balance battery availability for new vehicle production while continuing to prioritize recall repairs." in total, around 140,000 bolts were recalled for a pair of manufacturing defects in lg’s battery packs that could cause a fire. gm has been working to repair the affected vehicles since battery production resumed last fall.

    since the third quarter of 2021, chevrolet has delivered fewer than 400 units of the bolt ev and bolt euv. just 25 units were delivered in the fourth quarter of last year, while 358 bolt evs and euvs found homes so far in 2022. this is down substantially from the 9000 bolts delivered in the first quarter of 2021. now that production of new bolts is back underway, it will be interesting to see if sales recover. chevrolet sold more than 24,000 bolts in 2021 before the recall, but customers might now be wary of the bolt ev and euv. several new ev models from other automakers have also gone on sale since bolt production stopped, although none can match the bolt’s $32,495 starting price.

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