Chevrolet Is Replacing the Silverado That Drove through a Tornado
<a href=>chevrolet</a> is replacing the silverado that drove through a tornado
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earlier this week, riley leon of elgin, texas, became world-famous. or, at least, his truck did. he was reportedly the driver of the red chevrolet silverado that was being thrown sideways and tossed around by a tornado on monday, only to drive away once the winds righted it as if nothing had happened.

houston-area local news station khou 11 caught up with leon on thursday. in that interview, the 16-year-old shared that he had been driving home from an interview at texas staple whataburger when the truck he had recently purchased from his father got caught up in the storm. he was upset to see the truck damaged, but he says he "wasn't scared that much" by the actual tossing of the tornado that had his truck briefly rotating in place on its door.

now, chevrolet has helped with his concerns about a damaged truck, too. the brand announced friday morning that it is working with fort worth's bruce lowrie chevrolet to deliver a 2022 silverado 1500 lt, also in red. he will not have to wait much longer to get back on the road, either; leon and his family will be presented with the truck at the dealership in fort worth on saturday, march 26. in addition to the truck, chevrolet is also donating $50,000 to the american red cross disaster relief fund to help aid further recovery in the parts of texas devastated by this week's storms.

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