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Check Out Rolls-Royce Falcon Wraiths Intricately Embroidered Interior

Check Out Rolls-Royce Falcon Wraiths Intricately Embroidered Interior
check out rolls-royce falcon wraith's intricately embroidered interior
  • rolls-royce has a bespoke design team, within which it has a custom embroidery team (of course it does), who created this one-off treatment for a rolls-royce wraith.
  • designed and executed to order for a customer, the embroidery depicts a peregrine falcon.
  • the team studied this predatory bird in action to ensure it was accurately represented inside the car—as well as outside, with an abstract representation of a falcon's wing.

    when it comes to high-end manufacturers like mclaren, ferrari, and rolls-royce, their bespoke models are true works of art. you should have your breath taken away by the quality and the showmanship. that's how we felt when we first saw this intricate peregrine falcon embroidery that is featured inside a rolls-royce wraith.

    rolls-royce's bespoke design team designed and created the one-off stitching for a customer’s wraith, which is now appropriately being called the falcon wraith.

    the wraith, rolls-royce's two-door grand tourer based on the larger ghost sedan, is a classic blend of a powerful engine, a silky-smooth ride, and a luxurious driving experience. it is priced at $322,500 in the u.s., but rolls will customize (at extra cost, of course) to whatever specification the buyer requests, as in this case.

    check out rolls-royce falcon wraith's intricately embroidered interior

    the embroidery of the peregrine falcon is so detailed as to look almost as if someone did a copy and paste from a photo onto the charles blue leather headliner. this work of art took much more than just a picture of the falcon and a needle and thread; rolls royce did the homework on how to best interpret the bird in embroidery form. josh liles is the rolls-royce motor cars bespoke embroidery specialist (yes, that's his official title), and he leads the talented team responsible for all the marque's embroidery. liles said of the project: "the design required hours of observation of a peregrine falcon; we needed to understand the musculature, the movement, the shading of the feathers. we wanted the bird to adopt an alert and predatory stance. we created multiple iterations of the embroidery. the direction, length and spacing of the stitch can have a great impact on the final image. we purposefully shaped the beak and angled the eye to create a sense of aggression."

    check out rolls-royce falcon wraith's intricately embroidered interior

    in their many hours of observation, liles and his team must have been privy to one of the greatest spectacles in nature: a peregrine falcon hunting its prey. the peregrine is the fastest animal on earth, and when it dive-bombs its prey, it can hit speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour, according to ornithologists.

    after this fieldwork, liles and his team faced another challenge in embroidering the leather with such a complicated stitching pattern with such a high density of stitches, all of which are done by hand. embroidery will put stress and tension on leather, which causes a physical wave in the leather itself, creating a slightly distorted appearance. the master craftspeople were able to work around the problem, and the resulting work is a beautiful piece of art that a lucky customer with have in this wraith.

    check out rolls-royce falcon wraith's intricately embroidered interior

    the embroidery isn’t the only falcon-related design element on the car, either. an artistic motif featured throughout the car looks like an abstract falcon's wing. it’s first seen on the exterior, where it is hand-painted onto the bala blue and andalusian white two-tone color scheme. it's also painted on the interior's piano-finished fascia and accents the charles blue interior color quite nicely.

    for many car buyers, their vehicle is simply a mode of transportation or a part of their daily work. a smaller group care about having a car that brings enjoyment during the drive. but only a select few are able to spend the money it takes to enjoy their drive in something nobody else gets to own. the owner of this falcon wraith fits into that last category, and whether you envy or resent them for it, you have to agree this person has made it possible for rolls-royce to create a literal work of art.