Cars We Once Loved: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Cars We Once Loved: Window Shop with Car and Driver
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we often don't know why we fall in love with objects we adore, like the c3 chevy corvette or hot pockets. but age, maturity, and worldly experience usually supply hyper-specific reasons for falling out of love. the 1970s stingray, for instance, was barely a sports car, and hot pockets are barely food. this week's window shop challenge was to find cars we once thought were great and then disavowed years later, the same way a brief, bad fling turns into decades of disavowals among the friend group: "i don't remember that."

this one was another stumper for at least two of our five experts. road & track senior editor john pearley huffman, who has loved and hated with the force of an anvil since he was a zygote, was disenchanted by a chrysler. from car and driver, senior editor elana scherr was disillusioned by a dodge after it dragged her into oncoming lanes. contributor jonathon ramsey's relationship with an alfa romeo began with "che bella!" and ended with "cazzo!" senior testing editor k.c. colwell rode into the sunset in a ford, then returned on foot, disgusted (or did he?). and c/d mandarin tony quiroga spent most of his time explaining why he liked his lotus in the first place.

the crew reached a unanimous decision after five stories with the same character arc as when harry met sally, but in reverse. and now that everyone knows about these flings, we're going to go dust off some of our excuses while you watch the show.

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