Cars We Missed Out On: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Cars We Missed Out On: Window Shop with Car and Driver

in a world of possibilities, some of them become missed opportunities. and that was enough of a thought on which to hang this week's episode of window shopping, an inspired idea submitted by viewer john alterio.

five seasoned car writers—all dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable—gathered once again over zoom to review old memories of the cars they nearly bought but, for some reason, let pass. these are cars that bring with them a haunting regret. oh, the adventure that never was.

please join the five of us for this week's episode of good, mostly clean, nearly coherent, always obsessive and informative automotive fun. does that competition matter? no. so who cares if it's corrupted and always inconsistent? consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. have you noticed that it's better edited than before? hey, there’s a dedicated video guy on board now, and his name is carlos lago.

mentioned in this episode: split-journal cranks, dodge viper parts, triumph wheel-trim rings, carmax, carmex, porsche nerdiness, and a surprising comparison of a 1.6-liter's torque peak with childhood torture. as in every episode of course, the proper positioning of porsche wheel crests and the incredible toyota tundra are mentioned. somehow, and disappointingly, the importance of the color of brake fluid never arose.

who "won"? youtube. again.

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