Cars to Convert Non-Enthusiasts: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Cars to Convert Non-Enthusiasts: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Chased by deadlines, haunted by chaos, and thrilled by the possibilities right in front of them, the usual gang of goofs are back for another round of Window Shopping mayhem. Yes, it’s a recorded Zoom call blended with obsessive-compulsive car nuttery and a game show where nothing everything is at stake.

This episode’s online challenge? Find a vehicle for $40,000 or less that will introduce the non-car-obsessed to the world of vehicular fascination. In sum, a gateway drug. A machine so good that it will get them hooked on the sweet, sweet addiction of car enthusiasm. Yes, we’re out to wreck normal people and turn them into versions of us.

Let’s meet the panel! There’s this guy who hosts the show and edits and writes for Car and Driver. And that guy who does “testing” for Car and Driver. Plus here’s another dude who is “on staff” for Car and Driver. Then there’s the guy who “contributes” to Car and Driver from a bunker in Hebron, Kentucky. Finally, there’s this last guy who works for the more sophisticated, more erudite and generally superior Road & Track and who also sells his Hot Wheels toys collectibles here.

The goal is to do one of these every week. Because if the YouTube viewership numbers mean anything, well, let's not worry too much about the numbers. This is too much fun.

Join us. We’re mostly harmless.

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