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Cars That Were Killed Too Soon: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Cars That Were Killed Too Soon: Window Shop with Car and Driver

most of the time, we don't get too sad when a car ends production. but occasionally, there's a vehicle that is disappears before it has had its due, and those are the rare birds we aimed to find on this week's episode of window shop.

our panel found a wide variety of cars spanning many decades. road & track senior editor john pearley huffman kicked things off old-school with a nostalgic look at gm's rear-engine alternate universe that never was, as exemplified by the chevy corvair that he claims was "murdered" by ralph nader.

the next two entries fast-forwarded to modern times, with a look at one of ford's canceled hot hatches, the fiesta st, and vw's luxury suv, the touareg. both departed the u.s> market within the last few years. there's a bit of lively discussion over whether these cars truly count as being "killed" since they're both still on sale in europe.

contributing editor jonathon ramsey examined an entire brand that was killed off, finding one of the last saab 9-5 sedans sold in the u.s. before the swedish automaker went kaput. and deputy editor tony quiroga took an entirely different tactic, looking way back into chrysler's history to find an airflow from the 1930s, which was pioneering vehicle in terms of aerodynamics.

after you watch the episode, let us know in the comments which cars you think were unjustly killed.

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