Cars That Went from Bad to Amazing: Window Shop with Car and Driver

there are moments each of us will cherish for a lifetime. why not accumulate one more by watching this week's episode of window shopping on youtube? it won't change your life in a magical way, or any other way, really. but with some luck you'll enjoy a few minutes of automotive goofball conversation.

this week's challenge? find an example of a vehicle that got much, much, much better with the introduction of a new generation. that is, something that was garbage but suddenly got good when the nameplate was pried off and applied to a new vehicle. for instance, the original toyota celica supra was kind of a dopey nose extension of the celica to accommodate a six-cylinder engine that was then finished off with tufted velour upholstery. but the second-generation supra, introduced as a 1982 model, was a 10best winner and instantly beloved.

and the supra is not mentioned in this episode. go figure. so watch this episode to find out what vehicles did pound through our thickening skulls.

join carlos lago as "sam malone," tony quiroga as "coach," k.c. colwell as "frasier," jonathon ramsey as "norm," and, of course, john pearley huffman as "cliff." making your way in the world today takes everything you've got. taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot. wouldn't you like to get away?

after all, this is where everybody knows your name. assuming you're a subscriber and we can pull that out of the computer.

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date : 2022-03-19 04:02:05