Cadillac EVs to Get New Black-and-White Version of Classic Logo

Cadillac EVs to Get New Black-and-White Version of Classic Logo
  • cadillac joins several other automakers by redesigning its logo with a minimalist look to signify the transition to becoming an electric-vehicle manufacturer.
  • the new logo retains the wider, wreathless style introduced in 2014 but is now black and white, and will be illuminated in some cases, such as on the front end of the upcoming lyriq suv.
  • the monochromatic version of the badge will appear on all new electric cadillacs, while the color crest will continue on the gas-powered models until they are replaced by evs.

    as automakers transition their lineups to become electric only, several brands have sought to reinvent themselves by redesigning their iconic logos. within the past two years, volkswagen, bmw, nissan, and general motors have also given their emblems a similar refresh, keeping the same basic shapes but opting for a more simplified, minimalist style. now cadillac is joining the party, with fox news autos reporting that cadillac will transition to a new monochromatic version of its logo for its upcoming arsenal of electric vehicles.

    the new black-and-white version of the logo was first seen when cadillac debuted the lyriq suv as a concept in late 2020, where it was illuminated in the grille. now the monochromatic version of the cadillac badge—which continues with the wider, wreathless look introduced in 2014—has appeared on cadillac's website and social-media platforms, signaling the brand's shift towards evs. a cadillac spokesperson told car and driver that “as cadillac begins its next chapter to an all-electric future” with the lyriq, cadillac is "refreshing our brand look and feel" with "a bold and modern interpretation of the cadillac crest." the spokesperson also said that while the monochromatic crest will become more common, "cadillac will continue to use the current crest as well."

    while the cadillac representative did not specify to car and driver when the current, color crest would be used, fox news autos reports that a cadillac spokesperson said that the color version of the logo would continue to appear on internal-combustion-engine models and will be phased out as those models are replaced with evs.

    with the reveal of the lyriq, cadillac had announced it would not be releasing any more new gas-powered models, at least in north america, implying that the color crest will continue on the ct4, ct5, xt4, xt5, xt6, and escalade until their electric successors arrive. cadillac’s first ev, the lyriq, is set to go on sale in the first half of 2022 for $59,990.

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