Bugatti Sur Mesure Will Let You Customize Your Chiron However You Want

Bugatti Sur Mesure Will Let You Customize Your Chiron However You Want
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  • Bugatti is introducing a division for customization called Sur Mesure, and this Chiron Pur Sport is its first creation.
  • This Chiron pays homage to the Bugatti’s raced by Louis Chiron in the 1930s with its baby blue paint job and the number “32” appearing on its doors and seats.
  • The red stripes on the front and rear actually consist of dozens of tiny “EB” logos, commemorating founder Ettore Bugatti.

    After years of building one-offs and limited edition models, Bugatti finally officially created its own bespoke division, Sur Mesure. Meaning “tailored” in French, Sur Mesure allows customers to craft unique versions of Bugatti’s already-special supercars by choosing from the nearly endless options for paintwork and interior materials. The eye-catching Chiron Pur Sport seen here is the first product of Bugatti’s speciality team, and sports a design inspired by the hypercar’s namesake, racing driver Louis Chiron, who piloted several Bugattis in the 1930s.

    One of Chiron’s greatest wins came at the 1931 French Grand Prix, where he and Achille Varzi led for over eight hours in a Bugatti Type 51 bearing the number “32.” The Chiron Pur Sport customized by Sur Mesure wears the same number hand-painted on its doors to honor Chiron’s victory. The baby blue paint also recalls the Bugatti grand prix race cars of the 1920s and ‘30s, as does the vivid red pattern adorning the front and rear of this Pur Sport. Those red accents are actually made up of hundreds of tiny “EB” logos—for company founder Ettore Bugatti—applied by hand to create a fading stripe look.

    The same motifs are found inside, with “32” emblazoned on the headrests and the fading “EB” stripes appearing on the door panels. The door sills and side of transmission housing feature the words “Grand Prix,” and the center console inlay is fashioned from black anodized aluminum. The Sur Mesure Chiron Pur Sport is mechanically unchanged, meaning it still packs a 1479-hp quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 engine that takes the Bugatti to a top speed of 217 mph. More breathtaking creations from Bugatti’s Sur Mesure program should arrive in the coming years.

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