BMW Teases Modern 3.0 CSL That Looks Gnarly, Has a Manual

BMW Teases Modern 3.0 CSL That Looks Gnarly, Has a Manual
  • the ceo of bmw's m division, frank van meel, confirmed the creation of a new 3.0 csl with an instagram post monday morning.
  • bmw blog posted today that the car, based on the m4 csl, is expected to be built in an ultra-limited edition and cost nearly $800,000.
  • it will reportedly make 600 horsepower and come in rear-wheel-drive only and with a manual transmission.

    if you aren't already taken aback by bmw's controversially large grilles, wait until you see that face on a car that resembles a full-sleeve tattoo created in the pit of a rock festival at 3 a.m. but if you look underneath and recognize the inspiration from classic m cars, what you find is pretty incredible.

    frank van meel, the ceo of bmw's m division, released a teaser this morning of the upcoming 3.0 csl. the arrival of the new csl will cap off the m division's 50th-anniversary celebrations, which have already seen a number of exciting new m cars such as the m3 touring that we sadly won't receive stateside.

    bmwblog reported today that the automaker will build 50 of the new csl and that it's expected to make roughly 600 horsepower, or 57 more than the m4 csl it is based on. it will also reportedly cost the equivalent of $794,000 at current exchange rates.

    the 3.0 csl is expected to share the m4 csl's 3.0-liter inline-six engine. while that engine makes an impressive 543 horsepower in the m4, it is expected to produce roughly 600 hp in the new car.

    the loud livery somehow works, especially because the kidney grille is less overpowering than the one on the m4 cls on which the car is based. in back, there are two spoilers, including one mounted on the roof. inspection of the livery shows off a few hints as to what we can expect. the paint treatment includes "i like it rare"written across the hood and "6mt ftw" printed on the rear.

    it may be tarted up, but it's still an incredible track machine in that it is an upgraded version of the m4 csl, which is itself an upgraded version of the m4. there's every reason to believe bmw when it calls its very expensive and very special 3.0 csl "insanely epic."