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Avocados Are Toast in Texas Freeway Truck Spill

Avocados Are Toast in Texas Freeway Truck Spill
Avocados Are Toast in Texas Freeway Truck Spill
Cibolo Police Department via Twitter
  • How many avocados fit in the back of a commercial box trailer? Apparently, 40,000 pounds' worth, and that's how many spilled near San Antonio today.
  • This would be funny—the millennial equivalent of the banana-peel joke—except that two people were injured, the San Antonio Express-News reported.
  • You would think a 40,000-pound avocado spill would be a rare occurrence. A quick YouTube check would disabuse you of this notion.

    Truck crashes in which goods spill onto the highway are not unusual, and, sure, they're often cheap fodder for social media. But in the case of 40,000 pounds of spilled avocados in Texas, it's irresistible to want at least a quick look at the Study in Guacamole that results.

    In this case, the accident featuring a box trailer full of avocados closed down Interstate 10 near San Antonio after a late-night accident. Two people were injured in the wreck, and we hope they will have a speedy recovery.

    We wouldn't joke about this, but the Cibolo, Texas, Police Department started it when they created Twitter hashtags #pitsinpits and #fiberhighway, then concluded at cleanup's end with #guacinpeace.

    You would think 40,000 pounds of avocados would be spilled only rarely, but in fact it happened before, in December 2017 and also in Texas.