Automotive Valentines: Window Shop with Car and Driver

valentine's day is coming up and we decided to celebrate by choosing hypothetical gifts for each other. on this week's episode of window shop, the contestants were each assigned to shop for someone else with the goal of finding a car that could serve as an automotive soulmate. the budget was set at $50,000 with the stipulation that we could stretch to $100,000 if the car was red or pink.

this meant carefully considering the tastes of our fellow window shoppers. road & track senior editor john pearley huffman, shopping for cars director tony quiroga, kicked things off and immediately broke the rules with a nice low-mileage toyota land cruiser in silver that went way over budget considering the color-based rules. senior editor joey capparella went next and chose an obscure luxury sedan with a name you may not recognize for contributor jonathan ramsey (we won't ruin the surprise).

ramsey found a porsche 911 in a specific color for pearley and then deputy testing director k.c. colwell went the jdm direction for noted japanese car enthusiast capparella. and finally, quiroga selected a supercharged lotus elise—the only red car of the episode—for deputy testing director k.c. colwell.

we voted based on who we thought selected the best gift and, as always, chaos ensued while we tried to determine a winner. check out the episode in full above and a happy valentine's day to all.

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date : 2022-02-12 05:01:34