Audi Hoonitron Is Ken Block’s New All-Electric Drift Car
  • drift star ken block has teamed up with audi to create the s1 e-tron quattro hoonitron, an all-electric bruiser that will feature in his next video.
  • the hoonitron is built on a carbon-fiber chassis and features two electric motors for all-wheel drive.
  • block began a partnership with audi in september to focus on electric mobility.

    ken block has competed in more than 80 rallies and over 60 rallycross events, but he is best known for his viral gymkhana youtube series where he performs ludicrous driving stunts involving jumps, donuts, and drifts. block parted ways with longtime partner ford earlier this year—an alliance that helped create beasts like this 1400-hp mustang—and announced in september that he will begin working with audi "in the field of electric mobility." while that phrase may call to mind e-scooters and robotaxis, block and audi's first collaboration couldn't be more different: the audi s1 e-tron quattro hoonitron is a muscular, bewinged electric coupe that promises plenty of tire smoke.

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    the hoonitron draws inspiration from the audi sport quattro s1, which conquered the pikes peak hill climb in the 1980s. block's newest ride features a long hood, chunky wheel arches, plenty of vents carved into the bodywork, and towering wings at the front and rear, just as on the original s1. audi's design team in ingolstadt reportedly took the hoonitron from initial sketches to final design in just four weeks, and development was conducted by audi sport at neckarsulm, where the r8 and e-tron gt are produced.

    not many specifics were given about the hoonitron's powertrain, but audi says the two electric motors provide "power galore" to all four wheels. the car is built around a carbon-fiber chassis and is constructed to the safety standards of the fia, which governs formula 1 and the world rally championship. the hoonitron will appear in block's next video, titled elektrikhana, which will be released within the next few months.

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    date : 2021-12-17 05:01:09