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Alpine Is Getting Back to Its Roots with This A110 Rally Car

Alpine Is Getting Back to Its Roots with This A110 Rally Car
alpine is getting back to its roots with this a110 rally car

currently, fans of the alpine a110 have had two choices for going racing: drive an a110 cup in the car's one-make series, or buy an a110 gt4 to race in any gt4-class road-course championship. now, there's another form of a110 race car available: a factory rally car designed for the fia's r-gt class.

the alpine a110 rally is exactly what it sounds like: an a110 modified with a roll cage, racing buckets, and six-point harnesses to compete in sanctioned stage rallies. other upgrades include a three-way adjustable dampers, brembo brakes, a bosch abs system, a six-speed sequential transmission, and a limited-slip differential. additionally, the 1.8-liter turbocharged inline-four has been tuned north of 300 horsepower.

tuning and development is being done by french rally champions emmanuel guigou and laurent pellier. renault says it's working with the fia and the french federation of automobile sport to obtain homologation for the r-gt class of rally, which already includes cars like the porsche cayman gt4, fiat 124 abarth, and aston martin v8 vantage.

the alpine a110 rally will start at the equivalent of around $166,000 before options. extras include a data acquisition system and alpine blue paint. as is the case with the normal a110, don't expect to see the rally version available stateside any time soon—it's likely a europe-only affair.