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All-New Honda Fit Coming Soon with a New Logo

All-New Honda Fit Coming Soon with a New Logo
all-new <a href=>honda</a> fit coming soon with a new logo
brian williamscar and driver
  • the fourth-generation honda fit subcompact hatchback will debut at the tokyo auto show next month.
  • this new model will be for the japanese market, and we're not sure if it will come to the u.s.
  • the company is teasing the car with a new logo that features a different font and design.

    honda is about to debut a new generation of the fit. the fourth generation of the subcompact hatchback will debut at the tokyo auto show in october, and honda is giving a small glimpse of it—in the form of the new fit's redesigned logo.

    we'll take this small tidbit and run with it. the all-caps, upright treatment of the new logo is more sober and restrained that past fit logos. the first-generation fit that arrived in the u.s. for 2007 had a cutesy blue dot over the "i," while the second-generation car that arrived for 2009 and the current, third-generation fit shared an all-caps logo in italics, as shown below.

    now that we've exhausted all we know about the fit's badge, we can also tell you that the new model will offer a new version of honda's two-motor hybrid powertrain. we've also spied the hatchback testing in prototype form, which revealed that the car's basic shape will remain similar, with a tall greenhouse and stubby front end. honda also says that the new fit will retain the center-fuel-tank layout that makes for such amazing space efficiency in the current car.

    the real question is whether or not the new fit will be sold in the u.s. honda of america isn't ready to provide an answer yet, but our suspicion is that the current fit will stick around for a little while longer while honda weighs the decision. keep an eye out for more news on the redesigned fit in a few weeks as the tokyo auto show gets underway.