All 2022 Mazda SUVs Will Come Only with AWD

All 2022 Mazda SUVs Will Come Only with AWD
  • mazda will make all-wheel drive standard on all cx suv models starting for the 2022 model year.
  • the updated 2022 cx-5 has already been revealed, but we haven't yet seen what's in store for the 2022 cx-9 and cx-30.
  • front-wheel drive was previously standard on each of these models, so their base prices are likely to rise.

    the cx-5 isn't the only mazda suv that will now come standard with all-wheel drive. mazda says that all 2022 cx models, comprising the cx-30, cx-5, and cx-9 crossovers, will no longer be offered with front-wheel drive as standard. we don't yet have official word on how this will affect pricing, but it's a sure bet that each of these models will have a higher base price for 2022, as awd was previously a $1400 option on the cx-30 and cx-5 and a $1900 option on the cx-9.

    mazda has already shared updates for the 2022 cx-5, which include a few interior upgrades and a freshened appearance. we haven't heard details yet on the 2022 cx-30 or 2022 cx-9, so we're not sure if they will receive any updates other than the newly standard all-wheel-drive system.

    we're also curious to see how this shift affects future mazda suv models that could ride on the company's new longitudinal platform and use its new inline-six engines. if all-wheel drive is standard on these upcoming vehicles, it means we're unlikely to get a rear-wheel-drive version of the rumored cx-50 or a possible larger three-row model to replace the cx-9. some luxury automakers do offer rear-wheel-drive versions of their suvs, such as bmw's sdrive versions of the x3 and x5.

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