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707-HP Hellcat-Powered Jeep Grand Wagoneer Is the Ultimate Sleeper SUV

707-HP Hellcat-Powered Jeep Grand Wagoneer Is the Ultimate Sleeper SUV
707-hp hellcat-powered <a href=>jeep</a> grand wagoneer is the ultimate sleeper suv
collins bros jeep

if you're looking for a stylish vintage suv with a modern drivetrain powerful enough to get you into serious trouble, do we have the thing for you. it's a 1989 jeep grand wagoneer that's had its factory engine swapped out for a 707-hp supercharged 6.2-liter hellcat v-8. it's for sale right now in wylie, texas, for a staggering $128,000.

according to the sellers over at collins bros jeep, this wagoneer is a true, unrestored survivor. it still sports its bright red factory paint job and wood paneling, as well as the original interior carpeting and upholstery. the wheels, grille, glass, and bumpers all look to be in good condition. not too much of a surprise given the truck has 51,981 miles since new.

what hasn't remained stock, though, is the engine bay. gone is the stock 144-hp naturally aspirated v-8, replaced by a 707-hp supercharged unit, like the one you'd find under the hood of the jeep grand cherokee trackhawk. the swap, done 500 miles ago, looks professionally done, with neatly tucked hoses and wiring. there's even a custom airbox that fits neatly into the wagoneer's engine bay.

of course, a grand wagoneer this clean and powerful doesn't come cheap. collins bros jeep is asking $128,000 for the super suv right now on its website. seeing as how normal grand wagoneers are worth around $25,000 in good condition, that's a whole lot of money. but this is a truly unique build you won't find anywhere else. if that's worth six figures to you, then you better move in quickly.

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