621-HP 2022 Maserati MC20 Hits 60 MPH in 3.2 Seconds

621-HP 2022 Maserati MC20 Hits 60 MPH in 3.2 Seconds
621-hp 2022 maserati mc20 hits 60 mph in 3.2 seconds
greg pajocar and driver
  • the 2022 maserati mc20 reached 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and passed through the quarter-mile in 11.0 seconds at 131 mph in car and driver testing.
  • it's powered by a 621-hp twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter v-6 with a patented pre-chamber ignition technology.
  • a chevrolet c8 corvette, which costs a third of the price, beats the mc20 to 60 mph by 0.4 second.

    welcome to car and driver's testing hub, where we zoom in on the test numbers. we've been pushing vehicles to their limits since 1956 to provide objective data to bolster our subjective impressions (you can see how we test here). a more comprehensive review of the 2022 maserati mc20 can be found here.

    maserati says that its new mc20 mid-engine supercar will reach 60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds, but getting off the line isn't as easy as it should be. we couldn't dip below the 3.0-second mark in our testing because we kept fighting wheelspin. we've even tested a few less expensive cars with inferior power-to-weight ratios that proved to be quicker to 60 than the latest from maserati.

    the quickest time we could squeeze out of the mc20 was a 3.2-second launch to 60 mph and a quarter-mile of 11.0 seconds at 131 mph. maserati's new twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter v-6 uses a patented pre-chamber ignition, and output is rated at 621 horsepower—a staggering 207.6 horses per liter—and 538 pound-feet of torque. there are other large numbers. maserati claims the mc20 weighs 3307 pounds, presumably without any fluids, but it tipped our scales at 3757 pounds.

    with the drive mode set to corsa and launch control activated, the engine churns to 3700 rpm. as the brake is released, power is abruptly sent through the dual-clutch automatic and to the rear maserati-spec bridgestone potenza sport tires, size 305/30zr-20. the revs aren't adjustable and the launch-control's 3700 rpm launch overwhelms the available traction. a quick launch requires momentarily breathing off the throttle after the initial launch control hit. "it lights up the rear tires unlike things such as a 911 carrera gts or a mclaren that hit equally hard but are more dialed in with their launch-control programming and power application," our test driver, technical editor david beard, says.

    the 473-hp 2022 porsche 911 gts hit 60 mph in 2.8 seconds in our testing, and you can spend nearly $80,000 less to get behind the wheel. the chevy c8 corvette z51 also reached 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, and you could have three of them and some change for the cost of a new mc20, which starts at $215,995. the all-wheel-drive porsche 911 turbo s lightweight reaches 60 mph in 2.1 seconds, just over a second quicker than the mc20.

    dismiss launch control, though, and the mc20 beats the 911 gts in our rolling-start 5-to-60-mph test. it needed 3.7 seconds to the porsche's 3.9-second run. but the corvette, down 126 horsepower and without turbos to spool, did it in 3.5 seconds. however, give the maserati some space and its superior power-to-weight ratio will reel in and pass the corvette. in the quarter-mile test, the mc20 is 0.2 second quicker and is going 9 mph faster than the corvette.

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