2024 Polestar 5 Will Ride on a Bespoke Aluminum Platform

2024 Polestar 5 Will Ride on a Bespoke Aluminum Platform
2024 polestar 5 will ride on a bespoke aluminum platform
  • the polestar 5, a production version of the gorgeous precept concept, will feature a newly created platform.
  • the platform will be made from bonded aluminum to maximize lightness and rigidity.
  • the automaker bills the polestar 5 as a "performance four-door gt." it will arrive in 2024.

    last fall, swedish electric-car maker polestar revealed that the stunning precept concept, first unveiled in early 2020, would reach production in 2024 and carry the name polestar 5. now polestar has announced that the 5, which will serve as the brand's flagship model, will ride on a brand-new bespoke platform.

    this platform will be made from bonded aluminum, which should make it lightweight and, polestar says, provide “torsional rigidity superior to that of a traditional two-seat sports- or supercar.” polestar says that building bonded aluminum chassis has proven labor-intensive and difficult for mass production in the past, but the company says it has created a new manufacturing process that is faster and “develops both body and platform in unison.”

    while the precept concept had a 122.4-inch wheelbase (slightly shorter than that of an audi a8), polestar claims that the platform and body combined will "weigh less than that of cars in smaller segments." if polestar's lightweight projections come true, the 5 could end up with exceptional efficiency, range, and handling for a large ev. the polestar 5 is being developed by the firm’s u.k-based engineering team, which will add more than 200 employees this year to reach 500 engineers total.

    very little is known about the powertrain of the 5, which polestar calls a “performance 4-door gt,” but expect more information to trickle out as polestar continues its prolonged tease of the production precept on youtube.

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