2024 Ford Mustang Spied, Reportedly to Debut Next Year

2024 Ford Mustang Spied, Reportedly to Debut Next Year
2024 <a href=https://www.sharperedgeengines.com/used-ford-engines>ford</a> mustang spied, reportedly to debut next year
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  • the 2024 ford mustang will be revealed next year, according to a report by the australian website wheels/which car.
  • the publication, quoting ford's ali jammoul, says the next-generation mustang will still be offered with a v-8 engine.
  • the spy photos seen here appear to show a softtop convertible with some high-performance parts.

    not only do these spy photos of a heavily camouflaged ford mustang prototype tease the introduction of the next generation, but the word out of australia is that the popular pony car will debut sometime next year. it'll also continue to be offered with a v-8. those two details were recently confirmed by u.s.-based ali jammoul, who is ford's vehicle program director, icons and ford performance, in an article in the aussie publication wheels.

    while said to be visiting the continent as part of a "final signoff" on the new ranger raptor, jammoul answered some questions about the next-gen mustang. his comments included confirming that the car will launch in 2023 and that it'll have a v-8. jammoul is also reported as saying that ford is "definitely looking at" an electrified version of the mustang.

    the australian outlet also suggests that the next-gen mustang won't be offered with a manual transmission, which is sure to trigger pony-car purists. however, based on our interpretation of jammoul's comments, it sounds more like the stick-shift option will eventually go away rather than being dumped right out of the gate. "you know, eventually it’s going be phased out, right?" jammoul told wheels. "but as long as there's a market for it and customers still want that higher-performing feel, it'll stay . . . "

    apart from this recent report, we've heard little about the upcoming seventh-generation stang. images of heavily disguised prototypes have been circulating the internet since mid-january. they're not all that different from our own spy shots; however, our photographer says these latest images appear to be a convertible with a softtop roof. judging by the design of the wheels and the brake setup, this test mule is probably a high-performance model. it also had the sound of ford's four-cylinder ecoboost instead of the distinct growl of the brand's 5.0-liter v-8.

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