2023 Ram ProMaster Gets a Redesigned Face and New Features
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  • The 2023 Ram ProMaster receives revised front-end styling and new optional features.
  • Ram's full-size commercial van now offers a third, higher roof option and a roll-up-style rear door.
  • The ProMaster also now offers a park-assist feature for parallel and perpendicular maneuvers.

    The most notable change to the 2023 Ram ProMaster lineup of full-size commercial vans is that they all have prettier faces. That's because Ram replaced the ugly old headlights with a pair of brighter and sleeker ones. Along with the new front-end design, the ProMaster benefits from a handful of new options and appearance upgrades.

    Ram says the redesigned standard halogen headlights are 29 percent brighter and provide 15 percent more range than the ones they replace. Likewise, the optional LED headlights are 70 percent brighter with 50 percent more range. Below the main lighting elements is a revised front fascia that looks more modern. It also incorporates a modular bumper that now includes a built-in step that's meant to make cleaning the windshield and changing the wiper blades easier.

    Along with the new face, the ProMaster lineup adds more appearance options. Paint choices now include Ceramic Gray and Spitfire Orange, and there are newly optional wheels that come in silver or black. For the most sinister look, the new Black Appearance package includes dark trim for the exterior badges, grille, and rims. The 2023 ProMaster lineup also now offers a third roof height that's taller than the existing low and high options. Dubbed the super high configuration and only available on the 13-foot cargo van, Ram says it provides the most cargo volume and headroom in the segment.

    Last year, Ram enhanced its full-size vans with a plethora of new modern safety features. The list of available upgrades ran the gamut from a 360-degree camera system to adaptive cruise control to lane-keeping assist. For 2023, the ProMaster can new be equipped with a park-assist feature that helps the driver execute parallel and perpendicular parking maneuvers.

    The 2023 ProMaster is still only offered with front-wheel drive. A 3.6-liter V-6 with 276 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque continues to pair with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The ProMaster's hauling capacities also remain the same as last year, with a maximum towing capacity of 6910 pounds and a payload rating of up to 4680 pounds. The addition of an optional aluminum roll-up-style rear door is intended to make the process of loading and unloading payload more efficient.

    The 2023 Ram ProMaster will be available starting in the third quarter of this year. While Ram hasn't yet announced pricing, we don't expect a significant increase compared with the 2022 lineup. For context, the ProMaster 1500 cargo van with the standard low roof and short 118.0-inch wheelbase started at $38,320; the 3500 passenger van with the high roof and 159.0-inch wheelbase started at $47,315.

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