2023 Lexus RZ450e Confirmed to Have Direct4 AWD Powertrain

2023 Lexus RZ450e Confirmed to Have Direct4 AWD Powertrain
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  • lexus has fully revealed the 2023 rz450e, sharing new photos and confirming its official name.
  • we can clearly see a "direct4" badge on the back, which is lexus' new awd electric drivetrain.
  • the rz will likely go on sale in the u.s. in mid-2022.

    lexus is continuing the steady trickle of information about its new electric model, the 2023 rz. we now have confirmation that it will be called the rz450e and that it will offer the company's new direct4 all-wheel-drive dual-motor powertrain setup. these additional photos also show the rz's exterior design in full, although we still haven't seen the interior.

    what we know so far about the direct4 drivetrain, as designated by a badge on the rear of the rz, is that it will use front and rear electric motors that provide 200 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque each. the company hasn't shared a total output figure, but this combination in the rz should provide plenty more power than the toyota bz4x's dual-motor powertrain with two 107-hp electric motors that makes just 215 horsepower in total.

    the rz450e otherwise looks to have a similar shape as the bz4x and its sibling, the subaru solterra. lexus will surely spruce up the interior to match its luxury billing with nicer materials, but it will otherwise be similarly sized inside and offer five seats. competitors will include the audi q4 e-tron, ford mustang mach-e, nissan ariya, and tesla model y.

    we're estimating the rz450e's base price at around $50,000, and it will arrive in the u.s. sometime in 2022. look for more information to come early next year as we learn more about the rz's official specs, interior trimmings, epa driving range, and price.

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